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“Great information on health & current events with a biblical view”

“The best I’ve seen in the wellness area that I work so much with”

Tom Roberts, Blue Cross, Chattanooga

A PowerPoint program, Hoping You’re Coping includes concepts of neutralizing stress with exercise and positive attitudes. It deals with deeper stress from worries that are real, anger that has good reasons & guilt for mistakes most of us made. Time management is a factor for many and “the best use of your time right now” may be to schedule Dr. Ruhling for a TED-type talk with Q&A.


Ruhling predicted war with Iran before 9-11, based on the vision in Daniel 8 where a goat stomps a ram and breaks its horns that are Media and Persia, but Gabriel said it’s “at the time of the end.” Persian is now Iran, entrenched in Syria next to Israel.
The Bible says Jerusalem will be destroyed in end-times, Zech 14, and Muslim nations seem eager to see Israel driven to the sea.
War in the Middle East will be a bigger deal this time, and it’s a sign of impending events in the US that beg to be understood.
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