How Current Events Support a Time of Judgment for America…


After President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Muslim nations are urged to siege Jerusalem. The Bible says “all nations” gathered against Jerusalem,” Zech 14:1,2. It's the first sign in Matthew 24 by Christ.

The Destruction of Jerusalem got best-seller status in several Amazon categories including eschatology (end-times) in a recent promotional. 

Jerusalem's destruction also points to calamity for the US as does Hawaii. 2Peter 3:7 cites things ‘reserved unto fire for day of judgment’ The Pacific Rim is called a Ring of Fire and Yellowstone is heating up.


Additional  Story Ideas & Talking Points

  1. 7 Signs Given 2000 Years Ago that Fit Specific Current Events
  2. The “Great Sign” of Revelation 12 and What It Means
  3. How the Destruction of Jerusalem Figures into End-Times
  4. Is the United States in Bible Prophecy? Please Explain
  5. What Role Does the UN Play and How Is the Pope Involved?
  6. What’s the Next Huge Event for the US and When to Expect It?
  7. How Daniel 8 Shows the Middle East Conflict Will Be Resolved


Myths Begging to Be Busted—maybe you can add one!

  • Christians can expect to be raptured before trouble comes
  • No one can know the time of judgment; be ready all the time
  • Science has proven the Bible is an obsolete book of myths
  • Israel should be for Jews only


God Bless America? Moses went to Egypt with a message of impending judgment and good news--freedom from bondage. Egypt killed babies, but the US has aborted 60 million. Egypt enslaved Israel, but our corporate greed has enslaved most people in a parallel to Egypt with alcohol, tobacco, drugs called ‘healthcare’, but they are a leading cause of illness and death. People are in bondage to food, fashion, fiction, gambling, greed, crime, sex, porn, perversion, TV, movies, violence and violent ‘music.’ The US has more in prison per capita than China. History repeats; God’s judgments are impending.


God gave Moses tokens to endorse his message and Ruhling says he has also received tokens supporting his message of impending judgment with a plan of deliverance that’s not a rapture--the wedding parables are misunderstood! God took Israel to a covenant and later said, “I am married to you,” Jer 3:14. Paul included the Exodus in ‘all those things happened to them for examples.’


Credentials: Ruhling attended a Bible college with enough courses for a major in religion. He has authored books on Bible prophecy and end-times. The Bridegroom Comes, predicted war with Iraq and Iran before 9-11 based on the prophecy of Daniel 8 being “at the time of the end,” verse:17.


Months before the UK’s vote for Brexit surprised the world, Ruhling wrote Britain Will Leave European Union, and with no news of ill health, two days before Billy Graham died, Ruhling published If Billy Graham Dies, It Could Be Prophetic (6000 views at Non-denominational.


Contact Dr. Ruhling: For questions or podcast interview links, email or call to discuss and book him, 928 583 7543 Pacific Time.  

Story/Show Ideas & Talking Points on Health & Medical Care with Dr. Richard Ruhling


Richard Ruhling, MD is board-certified in Internal Medicine and had a Cardiology Fellowship before teaching Health Science at Loma Linda University. There he got life-changing insight, enabling him to develop a Total Health Seminar designed to help people make positive changes in their lifestyle.


While teaching, Dr. Lester Breslow, Dean at nearby UCLA finished a federally-funded study to show 7 simple health habits were good for a 30 extra years over people who break the rules--an advantage that far exceeds all the advances of medical care that’s now a leading cause of illness and death due to medical error and adverse reactions.


National Geographic featured Loma Linda in their cover story as the only ‘Blue Zone’ for health in the western hemisphere, Nov 2005  & his school was funded $40 million to discover why the community lived about 7 years longer compared to similar non-smoking groups.


Story Ideas or Talking Points


  1. 7 Golden Rules of Health that Give a 30-Year Advantage Compared to the Person Who Breaks All the Rules
  2. Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Doctor!
  3. NEW START: How to Reverse Most Medical Conditions by Eating Better (Hippocrates: Let your food be medicine)
  4. How Medical Care Became a Leading Cause of Death


7 Healthcare Myths Begging to Be Busted


  1. Medical care is healthcare. There is an inverse relationship; the more medical care one gets, the worse the health becomes.
  2. Drugs cure disease. Drugs are symptomatic in nature and do not alter the disease process. People are in bondage to a system that says, “See me again next month…”
  3. Preventive health care includes a yearly checkup. Having done Executive Health for four years, the physical exam, look up the rectum, most blood tests & x-rays aren’t usually helpful.
  4. Flu Shots & Vaccinations are part of healthcare. The CDC owns the patents on many vaccines and recommends them to all. There is shabby evidence for some vaccines and serious concern for mercury used as a preservative in multi-dose vials.
  5. Women need dairy products, calcium to avoid osteoporosis.
  6. Vegetarians risk not getting enough protein.
  7. Your government is concerned about your health. Their 1st interest is money and a National ID card brings them control.


“Your program is the best I’ve seen in the wellness area that I work so much with.”--Tom Roberts,


Blue Cross manager, Chattanooga TN Testimonials include a reversal of heart disease, blood pressure, and diabetes. My RN taking 80 units of insulin daily cut the dose to 18 units.


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