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Live Healthy 

Medical care is NOT healthcare. It is the diagnosis & treatment of disease. Treatment usually involves a prescription drug, but they are now a leading cause of illness, disability and death. 

Health comes from obedience to the natural laws of the body. Dr. Breslow of UCLA discovered 7 health habits gave a 30-year advantage over people who broke the rules that are summarized by an acronym, NEW START. 

Our bodies are built from what we put in our mouth--If we have a problem, we did it to ourselves. The good news is that in most cases, we can reverse the dis-ease by a choice to eat better. 

I’m Dr. Richard Ruhling, board-certified in internal medicine. I taught Health Science at Loma Linda University where I did physicals on executives who found that sugar, cheese or meat gave them arthritis. 

When I got headaches, I couldn’t see the cause. I asked a neurologist who taught medical students. He said food would be “a very rare cause” of my type of headache. I later learned that he didn’t know!

 Foods give a delayed reaction like tobacco. People get sick when they don’t smoke on withdrawal. Food can react similarly, so most people do not make a connection between their symptoms and their favorite foods or what they ate a couple days ago. This is a complex subject. 

I recommend a couple CD’s with some of the best MD’s giving TED Talks on the brain, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and how to break the addiction, and you can get them for a $10 donation to Total Health, but before you do, please continue…






Live Happy 

Just as health comes from obedience to physical laws, happiness comes from obedience to moral laws. People who lie, steal or cheat on their spouse are not happy people and they would not be happy in an after-life where those things won’t exist. 

The best book on Health & Happiness is one that some of my best teachers valued to address the broad issues of life and how to live well. We send it to you for a donation of $5, but before you do, please also consider…






Live Forever!

Life is short, but it’s long enough for the Creator to see whether we live in accordance with good principles and appreciate what He has given us, or whether we are bent on doing our own thing as we go our own way. 

Destiny comes from gratitude to a loving Creator who gave us life and made provision for our salvation, even if we have made bad mistakes. He paid the price for our sins and gives us the strength to change our ways and live well according to the Bible. 

Summary: He loves us and has a wonderful plan, but focused on ourselves, we cannot know His plan. Christ came to bridge the gap, to show God’s love and to pay for our sins, but for this to work for us, we need Him to be Lord of our lives and ask His help to live well, or it doesn’t happen. 

For any donation, we will gift you Steps to Christ, a wonderful book that has sold more copies than perhaps any other Chrstian book--it is non-denominational and has been translated into 150 languages and offers great insights on how to know God’s love and plan for life.






Trouble is Coming

America celebrates freedom, but most people are in bondage to alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, drugs, food, fashion, fiction, gambling, greed, ‘music’, sex, perversion, pornography, TV, violence, etc. 

We are in bondage to ‘healthcare’ that is a leading cause of illness & death, to educational systems that are failing, to a monetary Federal Reserve System that is not federal and has no reserve, to government perverts the Constitution, and to false beliefs in religions that can’t even save their priests or pastors from sexual sins that are an abomination. 

God executed judgment on Egypt and took Israel to a covenant by which they became His kingdom and Bride. That’s the meaning behind Christ’s wedding parables. A parallel time of judgment is coming to America, and there is a high destiny for those who understand and are ready for it. “He will make [us] ruler over all that He has”  The conditions of His promise in Luke 12:44 are explained in God Bless America? as a pdf with a print copy of The Perfect Storm is Coming, a well-illustrated 88-page condensation of the classic Great Controversy, sent for your $3 donation, click to select any donation.

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