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Option 1: Two CD’s with TED talks by Drs. Amen, Barnard, Campbell, Gregor, Esselstyn, Fuhrman & others--12 topics that you will love, and a 2nd CD on the NEW START remedies that give a 30-year advantage (UCLA study and how to break an addiction. Send for your $10 donation. Click to donate






Option 2: Subtitled Health & Happiness, this is the best book ever written on the topics. You will appreciate its broad approach to life and how to live well, healthy and happy. It has biblical wisdom that’s not preachy or pushy. It’s a classic that’s been translated into 140+ languages. Well-illustrated, it will be sent, post-paid while the supply lasts for your $7 donation, Click to add to cart.









 Option 3: Here’s a well-illustrated condensed edition of the classic Great Controversy that was advertised in TIME Magazine for $23.95, but this 88-pg edition is better illustrated, sent for $3 donation AND a pdf of God Bless America? (that you saw at the bottom of our homepage). Click to donate, $3.












 Option 4: This classic book has been translated into 150 languages and published under other titles like Happiness Digest, has sold more copies than any other book worldwide. It’s about God’s love for us, and our need of Him, the Bible as a guide and prayer as a key to unlocks heaven’s storehouse. This is included as a bonus for any donation above, Add to cart










Option 5: * Bonuses for your $20 donation You get all of the above plus a link to the Natural Remedies Encyclopedia online, AND a pdf of The Destruction of Jerusalem. That will be the 1st major sign that the biblical end-times are beginning, as seen in Matthew 24:1-3 and Zechariah 14:1,2. Click to donate