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This classic book has been translated into 150 languages and published under other titles like Happiness Digest. It has sold more copies than any other book worldwide. It’s about God’s love for us, and our need of Him, the Bible as a guide and prayer as a key to unlocks heaven’s storehouse. You can read it online--please save this link and read a few pages a day, it will change your life and help you to have His Spirit. 




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Dr. Ruhling:  Overall I found the book very enjoyable to read. There were a few “aha” moments as you said there would be and there were also some areas where I really enjoyed your explanations of some areas where we had views in common. To your credit I don’t think I found that any of the chapters of the book were too long or drawn out. In fact even when I didn’t understand you fully or disagreed with you some I wanted more. I also found the part on healthcare to be very interesting Thanks for this opportunity! Dr. Josh Powell,  Fiverr


Author Dr. Richard Ruhling Does It Again! 

I have read almost everything Dr. Ruhling has written; books, articles, etc. This one, Not Left Behind, is outstanding. If you want to understand current events in relation to biblical end times, then this is a must-read. Along with that he brings understanding to other very important areas of our lives - such as public education, health care, and choosing a lifetime mate (marriage). Ruhling has packed these pages - leaving no room for "fluff." This is a book that I will read more than once and keep on my shelf as a guide/reference.   Helen Cook, Prime Star, Houston TX


This was a surprising and sobering read. I would recommend it to every individual, irrespective of belief, denomination, race, or religion. An amazing body of work, it is very detailed, well researched, filled with accompanying studies and scriptural references, and is an interesting exposé on the earth’s happenings, times, and underground ongoings in almost every sector within the United States and around the world.


The author’s passion is revealed in this rich, comprehensive, and weighty guide. Its truths, that may have never been fully explored before in great detail within one book, is vital and not just to be read once or occasionally, but studied repeatedly over regular intervals to remind us of where we are in Heaven’s timeline. It can be explored by individuals and in Bible studies, classes, study groups. There is also a bonus chapter, an interesting read on marriage for those wanting to choose a spouse. Best wishes. Angela, Christian Book Reviews,  

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