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How to Reverse Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes

Dr. Ruhling's special interest in retirement: Current Events and Bible Prophecy

Hi, I'm Dr. Richard Ruhling, a retired physician who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University after Cardiology Fellowship and board-certification in Internal Medicine.  Loma Linda was featured in the cover story of  National Geographic (Nov, 2005) on Longevity. 

In my 70's, I know something about longevity and I'm not about to sign up for any government "health" insurance programs. We can do better by taking care of ourselves because good eating habits can help reverse most health conditions--our problems usually come from what we put in our mouths. This includes prescription drugs which are a leading cause of illness, disability and death !

This cover story shows that it's possible to reverse heart disease, but not everyone can take the time or spend the thousands of dollars at Dr. Dean Ornish'  Center in California, or the Longevity Center (Calif and Florida), so I'm offering a pdf, How to Reverse Heart Disease and Diabetes . It describes the exercise you'll find helpful in getting fast results.

The DVD below,"Eating" features Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, the cardiologist seen by Bill Clinton when more surgery wasn't a good answer and his diet caused his vein grafts and stints to plug up. 

I guarantee you'll like the DVD (88 min.) and you can see the first 6 minutes here---


 My star witness that it works is Salvatore Frascinella, a 65-year old executive in Yonkers, NY who had three cardiologists who felt he was too risky for by-pass surgery and they had him taking 12 pills a day, but he was getting worse.

Desperate, he came to my series and did everything I asked. One of his cardiologists said if he quit the medicine, he would die, but he got off all his drugs and in eight weeks, he was playing tennis and going up steep hills! That was in 1983 and he survived his cardiologist until he was 95 earlier this year. You can do this--you have everything to gain and so little to lose.

I heard about this DVD from a man who lost his eye to DIABETES, but he got off his prescriptions and his neuropathy was getting better after he got this DVD. I  paid a friend $17 for the 2nd edition and I'm offering you the 3rd edition--88 minutes, the PDF described above, and the two bonuses below for $14.95.

Bonus 1 is Health & Happiness, the best holistic health book that I've found, and you can read more about it at  

Bonus 2 is an ebook,  Wake Up America for the End. Its opening chapter is on healthcare--something that's not in Obamacare's focus on prescription drugs for everyone and much info we don't get in the evening news.

Click the Buy Now button to receive the Eating DVD  and the PDF that offer more details and insights including a focus on exercise in the case of angina / heart disease. For $14.95 you are getting serious help with real healthcare--something you can't get from prescription drugs.

PS: After buying, you must select Return to Total Health for the Download page !

In Obama's own words, "Change has come to America." We may not like the changes, but we are probably past the point of return.

The question is, "How then, shall we live?" In the words of the Teacher who divided BC from AD, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from God." Indeed, those words are true, and Truth sets us free.

Dr. Ruhling was reared as a Seventh-day Adventist, but he now sees his church in particular, and American Christianity in general, as represented by the lukewarm church--so content with what it has, that it is not open to Christ (who represents Truth) at the door in Revelation 3:20.

Having enough courses  for a religion major at the Bible college offers a non-denominational view.

Health, Education and Welfare were a department of the US government, but the government cannot rightly offer them, because God promises them as a by-product for obedience to His Word. "None of These Disesases" is the title of a book by a physician re God's promise of health for obedience, Exodus 15:26.

When the government usurps something that God offers, it can only be bad, as Obamacare is an example:  Since that video, we've seen numerous other reasons why Obamacare is bad.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for information. I recommend you visit the following websites to gain a broader perspective, stariting with health--
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